people start relations from greeting. At the first meeting, when we feel a good image of somebody , we say that first impression is good. Especially, somebody who does a martial art should take a serious view of manners and have a good behavior and speech. When we always meet other people with humble, we should have the spirits of , , , , , , . In the Chinese book "ߣ", there was a first record of our Kumdo. It was recorded that people of a true gentleman country were in full dress and carried swords. And also people liked to compromise and had good manners.
The manner of correct sitting
1)Ready at the position of sitting: Make the backbone straight and untighten shoulders. And then pull the chin a little and put two hands on the knees. Put knees together.
2)Bow: Put two hands on the floor and bend down the head politely.
3)Meditation: Make the backbone straight and open knees just a little. After that, put your hands on the stomach and make your weight into the knees. Last, you close your eyes lightly.
4)Wear a sword at the position of sitting: Wear a sword around the waist and with right hand, grip a handle of the sword.
The manner of standing

1)Jedo: Put your feet together and grip a sword with left hand and put hands down lightly. And then, make the backbone straight with chest and neck.
2)Daedo: Wear the sword around the waist and grip a handle with right hand.
3)Bow: At the position of wearing the sword, bow politely. At this point, you shouldn't raise the tip of the sword.

Basic drawing sword

1)Balkum: Raise mind to draw a sword.
2)Choolkum :Pull out and uplift the sword swiftly with Naerackse.
3)Simanse: Look at the opponent with you mind's eye.

1)Ppuryeomakgi; With that position, pull out the sword to the left foot and turned the upper part of the sword. And then, shake off the sword.
2)Hwanjip: Put the sword calmly into the sheath with three levels of first intention, middle intention, and last intention.
3)Chakkum yebup: Gather two feet together and get ready. After that, bow.